Energy Sports Drink - Lemon 432g
Energy Sports Drink - Lemon 432g

Energy Sports Drink - Lemon 432g

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Discover the Legend: Hart-Sport – Finland's Pioneering Sports Nutrition Brand! 🌟

Embark on a journey through excellence with Hart-Sport, the brand that revolutionized sports nutrition in Finland in the 1980s. We proudly stand as the first and most iconic brand in the nation's fitness landscape.

Prepare to elevate your endurance and push your limits with Hart-Sport Energy Powder – the cornerstone of our legendary brand. Developed by pioneering Finnish sports doctors, this groundbreaking formula is engineered to provide the essential energy and electrolytes your body needs to excel during prolonged exercise.

Sustained Energy: Fuel your body with a precise blend of carbohydrates that replenish glycogen stores, keeping you energized and unstoppable throughout your toughest workouts and competitions.

Electrolyte Balance: Maintain optimal hydration levels with the perfect balance of electrolytes. Hart-Sport Energy Powder ensures you stay hydrated and primed for peak performance, no matter the intensity of your training.

 Doctor-Approved: Trust in the expertise of Finnish sports doctors who have meticulously crafted Hart-Sport Energy Powder to meet the rigorous demands of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.


We take pride in the craftsmanship of our products. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that every item bearing the Hart Sport name meets the highest standards, providing durability and performance.

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Energy Sports Drink - Lemon 432g
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Directions for use: 1. Pour the content into 2 dl of room temperature  water. 2. Stir until the powder is fully diluted. 3. Add 8 dl of cold water and stir. The drink will stay fresh for one day when stored in cool.
Before exercise: Drink 1-2 dl of Hart-Sport Energy sports drink about 20-30 minutes before and also just before the exercise to fill the body's energy reserves.
During exercise: Drink 1-2 dl of Hart-Sport Energy sports drink every 15-20 minutes.